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This is a three-dimensional adventure game where the player must navigate pit-filled traps and enemies

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    Windows NT / Windows 2000 / Windows 95 / Windows 98 SE / Windows 98

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    6.9 (760)

Prince of Persia 3D is a PC adventure game originally released in 1999.

Prince of Persia 3D is a sequel to the classic original game, which was a side-scroller. This game was praised for maintaining the feel of the original while adding a 3D free-roaming feel to it. It was made at a time when free roaming was a very new concept, and most agree the game pulled it off very well.

The game begins with a fairly hilarious belly-dance scene, which quickly becomes something serious. The Sultan's own brother is the villain, who apparently is half-tiger. He intends on wedding our hero's girlfriend, which obviously does not sit well with the Prince or the Sultan.

Once our hero is placed in the dungeon, he must escape and make his way through the castle. He will have to bypass or defeat the enemy's minions, including the belly-dancer assassin. This leads to a showdown with the villain, which has unexpected results.

Prince of Persia 3D is a classic platforming game. The Prince must leap over pits, pull himself up onto ledges and navigate deadly traps through 15 levels of play. When combat rolls around, you will get to use a bow, a staff and even twin blades. It is also possible to find shrines that can enchant your arrows, bestowing upon them different magical powers. Don't bother feinting with the sword; it does not seem to work properly.

Most of the game involves puzzles. There are a lot of secret levers, crate-pushing, picking locks, and trap-dodging. The first few levels are very difficult, so do not feel bad if you need to consult a FAQ. This was an intentional decision on the part of the developers. They wanted this game to be as challenging as the previous side-scrolling games.

The graphics are blocky, but the animations are pretty smooth. It is surprising that they used motion-capture technology so long ago. The lighting is also impressive for the time. The soundtrack is very appropriate, complete with drums, a singer and a flute. A controller is not necessary, but some might find it useful.

This game was released before the bug detection and correction stage was complete due to financial issues. This led to the game having some camera issues and slightly sluggish controls. Despite this, the game is regarded as a worthy entry in the franchise and notable for bringing the Prince of Persia into the modern style of gaming. This is most certainly worth downloading and checking out.


A classic free game from a legendary franchise

Intense and challenging

Inspired design

Great music and sound design


There are some Tomb Raider-style camera issues

Blocky graphics

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